Medical Animation Pricing

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Medical Animation Pricing

When shopping around for Medical Animation, it is difficult to determine appropriate pricing. At Medical 3D Animation Company, we understand shopping around for the best medical animation company in the industry can be difficult. There is a lot of factors to consider before choosing to work with a business. We’ve decided to make a list of a few of the top things to consider when looking for a Medical 3D Animation Company to work with.


Pricing –

This is what you came here for right? Medical 3D Animation pricing is often priced either by the minute, or by the project. Often times prices can range wildly from studio to studio. Final prices are determined by factors such as the studio’s internal costs, management fees, insurance ( if they have insurance or not ) employee benefits, plus what kind of artists they are using ( whether these artists are senior or junior level ), and most importantly, how many hours with how many different specialists will it take to complete your project. So a project with 5 hours a work and that requires only 1 artist to produce will be a quick turnaround and cost much less than a project that takes 1-3 months to produce at 600-1200 hours and require several artists. General pricing for 3D Animation can range from $500-$20,000 per minute, or $5,000 – $40,000 per project on average.

Turnaround –

You may also want to know how quickly does it take to complete Medical 3D Animation Projects? Often studios can turn around a medical animation project within 2-6 weeks in many cases. If the subject matter and reference is not well organized from the beginning, before the project starts, this variable can affect the turnaround time, because if you deliver an unclear thought and direction to a studio that studio will be spending many hours and resources trying to organize and refine that thought into an actionable plan or blueprint. This kind of planning is critical to the success of an animation in advance because often times, multiple artists need to work on a project in order to produce visuals in a reasonable amount of time. The more a project is disorganized, the more often that plan needs to be clarified with the artists, and the more room for error and confusion can happen. So it is best to either have all your reference, thoughts, and notes organized before starting an animation project or you can move forward with all of your reference and plans as you have them but if you do, just expect the cost and turnaround time goes up a bit so the animation company can organize your projects clearly for the artists who will be working on your project.


Trust –

Look for a company that has been around awhile, and that has great reviews online. Some individuals get in a rush and don’t consider the right company to work on their project that is the best fit for their needs. Large Animation Companies and Advertising agencies sometimes have a good reputation, they often come with at minimum a long standing reputation because they’ve been around awhile. Large Animation Companies come with a large Hollywood price tag. So don’t be surprised to pay $75,000 up to several million dollars for a large studio to work on a 5-10 minute animation vs paying much less and getting a comparable amount of service by going with a smaller company that has also been around a long time. When looking around for an online production agency you trust, look into multiple review sources such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp Reviews. Take an average user rating score and compare those reviews to other companies, to see which company you feel more comfortable working with.

Responsiveness –

One of the most important things about working with creatives is your vision can’t wait forever. It has to be online pretty much now or yesterday. In order for your visuals to be produced, you will need a responsive animation team that cares and that is passionate about animation. Call the companies you are interested in doing business with. Do they pick up the phone quickly or respond to you quickly if you leave a message? Are they kind and courteous? Are they flexible and willing to work with you? Do they make themselves available to you for discussion? All of these things do translate to the final product. If a company is unwilling to take the time to respond to you in the beginning, you may have a hard time completing your project on any specific timeline.