Bringing families together in VR

Author: Hurst Digital | | Categories: Digital Production Services , Virtual reality

AARP Innovation Labs is helping to reduce the effects of social isolation by bringing families together in VR, through their platform Alcove



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Alcove is a virtual reality platform that connects family members across generations by bringing them together in a world filled with immersive experiences. Even when apart, friends and family members can share new experiences together including virtually traveling to new places around the globe, sharing photos and videos, creating new memories together, engaging in health and wellness activities, and much more!

This is especially relevant now, in times of social distancing, as people are feeling more disconnected from their loved ones than ever. Social isolation is not a new issue. In normal times, 1 in 5 Americans feels socially isolated. But these are not normal times. Across the world, people are social distancing to slow a pandemic, disconnecting from their loved ones more than ever. AARP Innovation Labs has been exploring for awhile now how to tackle social isolation to bring family and friends of all ages together through immersive VR and AR experiences, and that is how Alcove was born.

Through your vote you can help grow visibility into VR’s opportunities on the consumer market -- for casual entertainment relevant to people of all ages, health and wellness applications, virtual travel, and helping to connect people and families, as well as shine light on VR’s relevance for larger audience groups outside of the traditional target segments.

And if you have an Oculus Go nearby, download Alcove from the App Store, and use it with your dear ones.