8th Wall introduces Inline AR

Author: Hurst Digital | | Categories: 3D Animation Studio , Virtual reality

8th Wall introduces Inline AR - embed WebAR into any website with AR iframes



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Inline AR allows WebAR content to integrate directly into an existing website, living alongside other website content. With just a few lines of code, any 8th Wall WebAR project can be configured to work within an embedded iframe. Integrating AR directly into the organic flow of an existing site has numerous benefits. By forgoing the need to leave the page, Inline AR can lead to increased dwell time and engagement on the parent site while boosting discoverability of the AR content. Surrounding content can provide immediate context to the AR experience, streamlining user onboarding. The ‘wow factor’ of AR is now front and center on your site, differentiating you from competitors. Whether it is an immersive feature in an article, an embedded carousel on a product page, or a programmatically served AR ad, Inline AR has clear use cases today.


Name: Tom Emrich

Email Address: tom@8thwall.com

Website URL: https://medium.com/8th-wall/introducing-inline-ar-43f8ccff09fe