Video Brochure Applications In Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Industry & Medical Procedures

Author: Hurst Digital |

In the medical field, the potential use of video brochures is quite broad. When video brochures play the right content, they can explain a procedure, introduce a new service, or promote the new medication, hospital, or medical services.

Perhaps one of the best examples of video brochures use is in OBGYN practices. While future parents look forward to receiving videos and photos of their baby, the use of them is limited when provided on a DVD. In today’s culture of sharing content instantaneously across all social media accounts, often provided DVD is no longer a convenient way how to share content. That is where Video Brochures comes to play, providing parents instant access to the content, allowing them to share it with family and friends (or send it as a video mailer to grandparents-to-be in another state/country).

In today’s digital age, customers are used to watching marketing videos on many devices. Often video is the preferred marketing method, simply because it is the most effective one. There is a reason why YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world. That is why video found it’s a way to the medical field as well. Companies spend a lot of resources developing medications and consequently marketing them. Video Brochures can deliver the message right into the hands of the targeted audience and explain everything about a particular medication.

Ultrasound Video Brochure


The same applies to medical facilities. New hospitals can introduce doctors and medical staff, provide a virtual tour, and highlight services the facility is offering. With print, video, and audio, the introduction leaves a valuable impact and reinforces branding. Given the fact that most video brochures are shared with others (co-workers, family members, friends) one card can influence several potential customers.