Video Mailer – An Effective Marketing Solution

Author: Hurst Digital |

Across the world, Video Brochures have been popping up time and time again to prove they’re versatility and applicability to all aspects of the industry. From hospitality to theme parks, law firms, real estate, and religious organizations, among others, the branded video message proves itself to be the most effective delivery of video content to customers.

While some brands distribute the brochures directly through the sale, namely in hospitality and timeshare businesses, others mail the brochure to a preselected group of clients. Doing the latter, you’re using a Video Mailer, or Video Direct Mail.

Individual Video Mailers are labeled for shipping to client’s customers and an Orlando direct mail facility.

In today’s over-saturated marketing world, being noticed can be a challenge amongst the noise of pop-ups and spams. And while advertising has never been easier, it’s also never been easier to simply delete and ignore. What Video Mailers do is make something that cannot be tossed aside or left forgotten in the trash. Video Brochures, packed in a branded mailer box, make for an eye-catching marketing piece that will not only catch eyes but keep them watching, too. Coming in all manner of sizes, the most typical being 7” x 5” with either 4”, 4.3” or 5” screen (though some clients use 7″ screens in 8″x6″ brochure), Video Mailers are kept in a printed box, always clean and ready to ship.

Most typical Video Mailer size is 7″ x 5″ with 4″, 4.3″, and 5″ screen. Some clients prefer 8″ x 6″ with 7″ screen.

As of partnering with Orlando-based direct mail leader, DirectOne, printing labels with addresses, securing the boxes, and processing the mail are all handled professionally and out of the client’s hand – all that’s needed is a spreadsheet of addresses for the Mailers to be sent to. With theVideoCards LLC handling your Video Mailers, you can save on shipping charges to your location and ship from Orlando, FL directly to your clients. From there, they can be easily sent to customers at your own leisure.

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