Five Tips for Emerging NFT Artists from Lux Expression, The Industry’s Niftiest Card Issuer

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Who is eligible to participate
in the airdrop?

  1. Existing Rarible users15/07/2020
    Active users will receive 2% of the total RARI supply according to the Liquidity Mining principle: based on the previous volume on Rarible marketplace. Both buyers and sellers will receive 50%.
  2. Documented NFT holders/buyersby Monday 20/07/2020
    In this stage, 4% will be distributed amoung Ethereum addresses of all NFTs with documented sales on Dune Analytics.
  3. Remaining NFT ownersto be announced
    As we believe that Dune Analytics might not hold all the data, we introduced the third stage for corrections. If you haven’t found yourself on the list, but you know you have significant NFT holdings — please reach out to us! The second airdrop wave will be announced later.

How you can get RARI

RARI is not an investment and should be earned by active participation on the platform. 75,000 tokens are issued every week, with 50% reserved for buyers, and 50% for sellers

  • Create and sell

  • Collect NFTs

  • Get airdrop
    as Rarible user

  • Get airdrop
    as NFT holder

    How to use RARI

  • Hustle in Rarible

  • Vote for platform

  • Choose featured

  • Participate
    in moderation