Animation Video Marketing Stats - 2020 Survey Report

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Animation Video Marketing Stats - 2020 Survey Report

After much analysis and data interpretation, we are pleased to bring you the Stormy Studio business animation video marketing stats - 2020 Survey report.

We asked 50 businesses across varying sectors of industry, a selection of questions about business animation. The primary aim of the questionnaire was to get an idea of how businesses were currently tackling marketing obstacles. In addition, what they thought of video marketing and how they may utilise it more or less for different purposes throughout 2020.

animation video marketing stats

The results are both intriguing and exciting in equal measure. It's clear that video marketing is a valued method of promotion and brand awareness. Furthermore, businesses who are well-versed in the use of video marketing and animation are being sure to incorporate it into their forecasted  plan.

Business animation and film is not only effective in the world of marketing. Pursuits such as employee training, presentation design and explainer videos can all be excellent ways to communicate to large groups in a clear and engaging way. Needless to say we are super optimistic about the rest of 2020.

Additionally, there are some thought provoking video marketing stats in this article from Dream Grow. Read on for some highlights of our own business animation video marketing survey and register below to receive the 2020 survey report PDF. We promise it will be a beneficial asset to your marketing or training solutions whatever your profession.

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"61% of our respondents encounter animation weekly."

How often do you encounter business animation for marketing? video marketing stats

How often do you encounter business animation for marketing? video marketing stats

"52% of those who use animation opted to work with a bespoke animation studio over a freelancer or large animation company"