Business Animation Usage and Trends.

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Business Animation Usage and Trends.

Here at Stormy Studio, we are interested in finding out business animation usage and trends. Therefore, we decided to conduct a survey, which we named Business Animation 2020 Survey Report. The information gathered from the survey is based on 50 results. These are taken from individuals who work in a variety of small and medium enterprises to FTSE 100 organisations.

These insights from our survey will help you to make well-researched decisions and give you a better understanding of why you should consider using animation for your business. We believe that bespoke animation will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

In this article, we will be highlighting business animation usage and trends. Furthermore, we will explain what type of company respondents preferred to work with when purchasing animation.

Usage and trends in animation

We asked our participants how often they encounter animation for business marketing. From the results, 36% of them see an animation for business marketing a few times a week. However, a significant number of respondents 25% see an animation for business marketing daily.

How often do you encounter animation for business marketing

From our survey, we can suggest that a high percentage of people (61%) involved in business recognise animation for business marketing regularly. Therefore, this gives us a positive outlook on how the future of animation looks. Businesses should involve animation in their marketing plans.

Animation usage

It is evident from our findings that respondents have consumed animation for business marketing. However, when we asked whether the individual or their business have used business animation, the results were different. If you are wondering, business animation allows you to specifically advertise your company. For example, you may want to create a bespoke business animation to display your product or explain your company’s ethos.

57% of respondents in our survey answered ‘no’ that they or their company has not used business animation. We can infer that the majority of respondents have not used business animation. Consequently, using business animation can make you stand out from your competitor.

The amount of respondents who have used business animation.

Animation purchase

Even though the majority of the respondents currently don’t use business animation there is a significant number who do (43%). We are certain that all of our respondents are happy with the service they are getting, as 100% of them said they will use business animation in 2020. The most significant result of animation purchasing is that 84% of participants think that business animation gives a good return on investment.

In addition to this, we asked our respondents where they get their business animation produced. Consequently, 70% of them outsource their animations to animation studios like  or freelancers. From this result, we then asked our respondents who they prefer to work with. 52% said they prefer a small bespoke animation studio, 30% used individual freelancers, whilst 9% used large animation studios.