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Medical Animation Videos are changing the way that Healthcare companies market to the masses. And rightly so! People love watching videos online – for example, more than 85% of US internet users are known watch online videos.

New technology allows patients to manage their health almost exclusively online. There’s an infinite amount of medical information at their fingertips and patients will usually turn to Google to find out more about symptoms, research upcoming procedures and seek advice, even before they consult their doctor.

Videos are a great way for Healthcare companies to provide the information patients need in a really visual and engaging format. Animation is a popular choice for medical videos because it can be as realistic or abstract as you like – there is no limit to what you can create through the power of animation!


How to create medical animation videos

When it comes to creating useful and engaging medical animation videos, the first place to start is with your audience. Think about your objective for the video – what do you want people to do after they’ve watched it? Also consider where you want to share your video. Social media is a very effective mechanism for sharing marketing videos – 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week! You may also want to share your video on your company website, customer emails or even as part of a wider marketing campaign. 

Once you’re clear on your objectives and channels, it’s time to think about your message.

Tone is very important in medical animation videos. Too complex or full of medical jargon and nobody will understand it. Too simple and dull, people will get bored. Set a tone that is light but professional and remember to consider how your audience will perceive your brand when they watch your medical animation video. 

There are various styles of medical animation videos to choose from. 3D animation is popular for conceptual and abstract videos. Infographic videos are really effective for sharing data and medical statistics in a digestible way. While explainer videos give you a platform to simplify medical procedures or terms so that everyone can understand them. 


Examples of medical animation videos

It can be helpful to take a look at some examples of medical animation videos online to get an idea of the type of format and style you like. 

This amazing PillCam medical animation video shows how colon capsule endoscopy works through the body. Using animation makes the video patient-friendly, so people can get an idea of what to expect from the procedure, without fear. Animation also softens the appearance of the video, and brings the procedure to life in a way that would otherwise not be possible.

An animated demo video for Dr Foster shows how to use an infographic style for your medical animation video to display data and statistics in a really engaging way. What is especially interesting about this video is how it was initially presented to viewers at a Healthcare event. Using augmented reality, the card ‘came to life’ when attendees at the event positioned their phone screen over the business card!


Measuring the success of your medical animation videos

One of the best aspects of using video as a marketing tool is that it’s really easy to measure. Most animation companies will help you add tagging to your video so you can monitor how many people watch it, for how long and what they do after they’ve seen it. Medical animation videos are only truly effective as a marketing tool if you’re able to measure how your audience engages with them. So, analytics is key to success.